I first started editing film the old school way of cutting and splicing 8mm film taken from the 60’s (before my time). Learning this art gave me an appreciation of the time it takes to put footage together in a editing suite. Scouring through hours upon hours of scenes from around Sydney to produce what would eventuate to be a fraction of time as quality material.

It’s apparent technology has changed somewhat and the art has evolved into videography. 1 person can do amazing things with the right equipment training and a great deal of time in learning as well as true appreciation of the art of modern day videography, sometimes referred to as Cinematography.

2017 marks 10 years of wedding filmmaking therefore clients can be rest assured the experience behind the lens is capable of delivering a great product as a 1 man production experience. By now I assume you’ve taken a look through some of my work. If you like what I do, then feel free to proceed to my contact page, let me know who you are what your plans are and we can talk about creating something really special for your big day.