Frequently Asked Questions


Who Will Film My Wedding?

When you book DEFilms, David Edwards is your cinematographer, however if DE is unavailable you will know prior to booking. Where 2 or more crew are required, regular contractors are used familiar with our style of shooting.

How Many Camera’s Do You Use?

Silver Cinema Package 1 Camera / Operator

Gold & Platinum Packages 2 Cameras / 1 Operator during Ceremony & Speeches and where possible a third Camera will capture creative shots.

What Sort Of Cameras Do You Use?

We use Full Frame Canon 5D – DSLR Cameras, to produce stunning Cinematic footage. It wont look like a home video we promise you that!

Can We Have Drone Footage Included?

This is possible in our Gold & Platinum Packages although its not always feasible to use a Drone due to location and time restraints. Locations need to be discussed prior to your wedding and must comply with CASA regulations.

How Long Until I receive my Wedding Video?

Our Turnaround time is generally 3 Months. However if you need to showcase your wedding earlier, then talk to us, we will accommodate any reasonable request.

Which format Do You Record In?

We record in Full-HD 1920 x 1080p.

How Long Will The Finished Video Be?

The long version is largely dependent upon the length of the Ceremony & Speeches. The shortest Weddings are from 45– 60 Mins, anywhere up to 4 Hours for the longest we’ve experienced. See our notes above relating to the shorter versions.

What Do We Receive When Our Wedding Video Arrives?

Our packages contain 3 x Blu-ray disks, these vary from single disk sets to dual disk sets depending on the length of the material and edits ordered. We can deliver on DVD however keep in mind this technology dates back to the early 90’s some 20 years ago. I will encourage clients to purchase a Blu-ray player however yes we can deliver on DVD. We can also deliver in iTunes Compatible format for play on all compatible mobile devices.

Do You Offer a Warranty of Services & Materials?

Yes we do, if you are unsatisfied with our work we are happy to make good any faulty disks or re-edit where there are obvious faults. We want you to recommend us to your friends, this can only be achieved with a Happy Customer.

Can We Customise Our Wedding Video Package?

Yes, our packages are a guide as to the most practical solutions to our clients based on historical scenarios, these of course can be changed to suit.