Your Wedding deserves the finest in Cinematic Production

Cinema Package Inclusions

Our packages are a guide as to your inclusions. We can construct a customized solution to cover your wedding day.

Camera Time

Our Camera time starts from our first location through to completion on the day of your Wedding. All footage is recorded using Full-HD DSLR Cameras for that ‘Cinematic’ look. Compare our Packages

Silver Package
1 Camera typically Tripod Mounted throughout the day.

Gold & Platinum Packages
2 Cameras (1 operator) during the ceremony and speeches offering a wide and tight shot ensuring nothing important is missed. Creative angles also considered using sliders, monopods and stabilized gymbal camera DJI OSMO.


The process of assembling all captured RAW footage & Audio into a seamless production. This enables you to watch your production as a professionally produced masterpiece using the following editing methods.

The Essentials – This is the edited full-length version of your wedding. Length up to 2 Hours

Creative Short Film – Re-live your day in a shorter time frame. Length up to 15 mins

Wedding Highlight – The shortest version of your wedding. Length 3 – 5 Minutes.


Once all the editing has been completed, we then look to deliver your event to a variety of formats including but not limited to.

Hard Drive – Future proof your investment with your wedding footage in its native form for conversion into any format of your choosing. This includes all edited and raw material.

Blu-Ray – Enjoy your Wedding in Full HD in a Deluxe Case.

iTunes – Play your wedding via your mobile devices & stream onto your TV or Computer.

DVD – Ideal for family members not up to speed with the latest HD Equipment.

Plans and Pricing

Our Wedding Video Prices offer full customisation to all our packages, please contact us to find out more.

Why Should You Invest?

Video is the best representation of your event, the candid approach simply observes everyone ensuring they are captured. Children grow up, elderly relatives pass and it’s those precious memories we wish we had later in life. We respect the value of having wonderful memories captured. This day will pass quickly in a blur, even the following day will feel like it passed so quickly.

For so many reasons it’ll be an amazing event as your close friends and family are all together at the one place. Isn’t that worth capturing?

Didn’t Find Anything Suitable?

Try our Customiser for a refined method of creating the perfect Cinema Package.

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